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Fractal Audio AMP Models: Yeks PDF Guide


Hi Yek,
I have to say that your presets made me re-discover how great Axe FX is. I've been exclusively playing your presets and it sounds great in my setup.
I have a question for you. Do you also use these for recording?
I tried to use the friedman hbe for instance, for a dummy take, and somehow it sounds a bit raw. Would you have any recommendations for that?
I can provide a sound clip if needed.
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Yek, just another public THANK YOU for this excellent piece of work. It has helped and informed me regularly this last month putting together raw amp banks for every amp model in the AXE FX. Could not have done it without this work. You rock!!!


Such a great resource. I always wind up going to Yek's write ups especially when trying to find a proper matching cab for whatever amp I'm playing with.


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If you don’t use Paypal, and still want to donate, please send me a PM and I’ll mail you our bank account data.

Thank you.​
Mijnheer van Engelen, the donation is on the way.
This Amp guide and your drive guide are a very valuable resource.

Although, one thing. I used to own the 1981 TubeScreamer and it looked identical to the 1980 picture, but it DID have the TS9 designation already. (gekocht bij Dirk Witte in de vijzel straat A'dam evenals mijn Gibson RD 77 Standard)

And even though the RD77 had an active pre-amp in it, with the TS9 which sounded more like a mid-range booster with over drive at 10 o'clock, it became really creamy.....

I hope I can make the model sound like the tube screamer I had, because it still was my favorite sound ever. That or I have euphoric recall :)

Un Humano

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Thank you Yek, it's an impressive guide that's a heaven por tweakers.

I have a question. In the amps that have gain and overdrive, you say that they are represented in the model through Input Drive and Overdrive knobs, but I can't find the Overdrive in my AX8 Edit. Is it Saturation Drive?

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