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Fractal Audio AMP models: Suhr Badger 18 and 30


* EDIT: Up-to-date information is available in Yek's Guide to the Fractal Audio Amplifier Models *

Suhr Badger and Badger 30

John Suhr, after working with Bob Bradshaw and for Fender, started his own company JS Technologies. Suhr builds high-end guitars, amps, pedals, pickups etc. He also sells his version of the OD-100, designed when he worked with Bradshaw. More information about Suhr.

Suhr builds a line of portable amps under the name of Badger. Used by Pete Thorn, Guthrie Govan and others. Two of these have been modeled by Fractal Audio: the 18 watts and the 30 watts versions.


“This 18-watt, all-tube amplifier offers a wide range of classic guitar sounds. Driven by a cathode biased EL-84 power section and features a 5Y3GT tube rectifier, the Badger 18 delivers a variety of warm, sparkling cleans and rich, dynamic overdrive tones.“​

“This 30-watt, all-tube amplifier offers a wide range of classic guitar sounds. Driven by a cathode biased EL-34 power section and features a solid state rectifier, the Badger 30 delivers a variety of full, punchy cleans and rich, tight dynamic overdrive tones.”​

These are wonderful and versatile amps, capable of achieving clear cleans to saturated leads. The 18 watts version has the most character going on IMHO. The 30 watts model is more versatile.

18 watts amps are mostly used for crunchy tones at low volume levels. If you want a clean tone from it, crank the Master and use little gain. The 30 watts model has much more clean headroom.

Review in Premier Guitar

Controls on both amps: Gain (Input Drive), Drive (Master), Bass, Middle, Treble, and Power Scaling (not modeled).


"The Badgers were MIMIC'd with power scaling at full. The knobs are a bit confusing on a Badger. The knob closest to the input jack is labeled "Gain". It is equivalent to the Drive knob in the Axe. The knob labeled Drive is the Master Volume."​

Suhr manual:

“Bass, Middle and Treble tone controls for each channel are post-gain and passive cut-style. We recommend starting around 5 and dialing to taste. As you increase Gain and/or Drive we recommend dialing back the Bass to retain clarity and definition in the low-end.”​

These amps/models, especially the 18 watts one, have a lot of bass, because of the lack of negative feedback. Dial down Bass, or use the Cut switch.

The Hi-Cut control in the model is non-functional.

Go to the website for sample settings.

The Badger combos have a single WGS Veteran 30 speaker, similar to a Celestion V30.
I use the 2x12 SV Legend. Alt. try something like the Scumtone cab, or the Fuzzbomb.

Clips of the 18 watter:

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I just wanted to correct some information a bit: Tere is no CAA 3+SE, it's always been CAE. Also, John Suhr has never sold the preamp, it has always been Bradshaw through his company CAE. John "only" designed it.


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Look at the picture on this page, as well as this interview, where CAA is used for the amplifier part of CAE.

And look at the bottom of this page on Suhr.com.
OD100 heads are a different story. The whole CAA/CAE branding is kind of confusing. My point being, the CAE 3+SE has always been sold only through Bob Bradshaw and CAE (regardless of what it says on the front panel). John Suhr has never sold it through any of his companies. He sells his versions of the OD100 though.

EDIT: Saw the change of the reference from 3+SE to OD100 in the OP.
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Yes old thread. Funny it popped up now.. this was always one of my faves in Axe-II and AX8. Last night I noticed a used Badger 30 head and cab for sale in my local area for a pretty good price. This prompted me to load up the model in my FM3 and put it through it's paces. Wow, it's better than ever!

Really don't need another real amp, but the power-scaling is something I'd like to try IRL. Hmm..
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