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Fractal Audio AMP models: Spawn Rod (Splawn Quickrod)


* EDIT: Up-to-date information is available in Yek's Guide to the Fractal Audio Amplifier Models *

Spawn Rod: based on Splawn Quickrod

Splawn is into the Marshall-modding business and builds it own hot-rodded versions of those. The Quickrod is probably their most famous model, considered by some as a "brown sound" amp.

"Signature Splawn tone with lots of bite, strong mids and 3 gear versatility."​

Some people find the tone of Splawn amps in general to be somewhat scooped (thin), which can be compensated by choosing an appropriate cabinet / IR (see below). I think the sound of the models is okay (and leave the controls pretty much at default), but they don't stand out and lack some character of their own IMHO.

"The reason Splawns sound weird is because the tone stack is plate driven. You lose the cathode follower compression and the high source resistance of the plate alters the tone stack frequency response. The plate driven tone stack in the Splawn reduces the highs considerably. You can see this is you run Tone Stack Calculator for the Marshall tone stack and increase the source resistance."​

The Quickrod is a 100 watts amp with EL34 tubes. It has two channels: Clean (not modeled) and Overdrive.

The Overdrive channel has three modes or “gears”. The 1st gear is designed to sound like a Plexi, the 2nd gear is a hot-rodded JCM 800 and the 3rd gear is a super hot-rodded JCM 800). All three gears have been modeled: the OD1 models. The OD2 models are the same, with an additional gain boost.

"OD2 switches in a cathode bypass cap which increases the gain of that stage."​

Controls on the amp: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master, Gain, (…).

“The Quick Rod is a bit odd in that the Drive pot is linear taper. Most amps use an audio taper pot. This means that at noon the amp is nearly at full gain. Not sure why they did it that way but it is what it is."​

Here’s the manual.

Splawn cabinets have G12M, V30, or G12-65 Creamback speakers. The G12-65 speakers are said to be the best-sounding ones. Possibly because they're are more mid-focussed than the others.

Audio and video on Splawn’s website.

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One of the best sounding model I've ever heard!
Fat, punchy, liquid and that lets you play for hours without ear fatigue...the only problem is that by itself has a great sound, but in the mix I find very difficult to bring the voice of this amp out of the mix.
Anyway, a great sounding model.


Power User
I found some settings online which I like for this amp. Works for me in OD2 - 1 mode (not tried others).

Bass - 3
Mids - 8
Treb - 0
Presence - 8-10
Gain - 7
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