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Fractal Audio AMP models: Recto1 and Recto2 (Mesa Dual Rectifier, 2-ch and 3-ch)

Jason Scott

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Here's a very short and dirty comparison of the Recto models through the same IR.

Signal chain is guitar - AX8 - FET Boost (Drive 2/Tone 8/Level 10/Mid Low/High Cut 120/6500) - Amp - Cab ( 57/121 mix from the york Audio Cab Pack)

Sounds excellent! Thanks for the post!
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No, they didn't add a cold clipping circuit. The Mark V is almost identical to the Mark IV circuit.
If they didn't add anything to the circuit then it's a preamp bias difference (or any other bazillion things u can change in an amp), it's really apparent buzz between Mark IV and Mark V, maybe it's because of where they fixed the extra gain knob you used to have access to
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