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Fractal Audio AMP models: Gibtone Scout (Gibson Scout)


* EDIT: Up-to-date information is available in Yek's Guide to the Fractal Audio Amplifier Models *

Gibtone Scout: based on Gibson Scout

This Gibson GA17RVT Scout amp dates back to 1964. It’s a great little industrial-looking amp for vintage clean tones. It’s only 17 watts. It has two inputs and runs on 6AQ5 tubes (EL84). Reverb and tremolo are built-in.

It's so simple and yet it sounds so nice.

If you prefer an evolved version of the Scout, try the Nuclear-Tone model. That one is based on the Swart Atomic Space Tone (AST). It provides a great bias-controlled tremolo too.​

The Scout’s only control is Volume, just like a Fender Champ. So if authenticity matters to you, stick to Input Drive.

The original (crappy) speaker is a Gibson 10” speaker. That isn’t captured so choose a 10” from the stock cabs, or try #115: 1x12 Nuclear-Tone Mix.

More Nuclear-Tone IRs in Cab Pack 10.​

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Been jamming with this one today - such a pretty clean tone with the amp block trem engaged.
I had neglected this one for a while , and it is sweet indeed, especially with a @ownhammer cab that, unfortunately , seems no longer available on his site , the unique Gibson 10/12 ((OH 1012 GIBS V30-V10) , which pairs with the Scout's clean , bias- trem goodness like a champ....
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