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Fractal Audio AMP models: AC-20 (Morgan AC20 Deluxe)


What the AC30 always brought me was PUNCH. I've never had my chest slapped like a Vox can.. Pristine cleans at a jam-room volume is 100% necessary in my book. The Morgan AC20 patch allows for this same feel for me.. I've tried a real Morgan and couldn't get that tone/volume aspect I wanted.

With axefx it's easy as pie... Excellent thread.


Hadn't really tried the AC20, but after reading this I tried and fell in love with the EF86 with my strat. Really excellent edge of brekup tone that just wanted you to dig in. Loved it. Thanks yek for doing these threads. I'm sure it's a lot of work but I may not have discovered this jem had I not been following your threads!


Yeah, my fav AC30 flavoured amp in the Axe. Just very harmonically rich with great snap.I prefer using the 12ax7 model with mine for the high end content but they are both excellent.


A great sounding amp! more sweet highs than the vox AC 30.

But : the EF 86 Amp has got the 12AX7 per default? An issue maybe?


Here do the 12AX7 models of the amp default to 12AX7 and the EF86 to EF86 (Axe II)
Yes. They are set correctly when (re)selecting the amp type.

To make sure everything is set right, I reselected the amp type in all my presets.


I´ve reselected it....but it stays on the 12AX7 at the EF86amp..........did it myself at the ampblock

Edit: Now FW 2.01 sets it right - ok!
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One thing to add to here too...don't be afraid to play with the BMT settings. I know the real deal just has volume and cut, but if you dial it like a Marshall (3-4 on the bass, 7 mids, and 7 treble) and then cut to taste, it will give up a nice Brit crunch that lives between a Vox and Marshall. Once I got out of trying to reproduce this one as stock (5s on BMT), it allowed me to add 4x12 M25 IR and turn this a less gainy plexi with the volume down. I find that the Plexi models (which I love) still feel pretty gainy even at 4. You can play lighter and/or turn the guitar volume down, but I like to run full out but with less crunch (on certain guitars). In this case, it was a Tele Cabronita clone with TV Jones Power'trons. The AC20 12AX7 T dialed up as described ended up being my perfect fit for a Brit crunch sound. Don't forget to adjust the speaker parameter page on the amp block to match whatever 4x12 you throw on it. I my case, I used the Ownhammer Orange 4x12 with M25 speakers. Nice woody, grit tone.


I have been over the moon with the Axe FX lately. I've never delved much into these amp types in the past and have been missing out! Throw in a FAS Boost or PI Fuzz in front and you got some sweet Jimi Hendrix tones.


Fractal Fanatic
Is a great sounding model....no DC30, but what it is... :)
Funny you should say that, I've taken a real liking to the ac20 for cleans and the dc30 as a nice match with it for higher gain (medium crunch, but higher than the ac20). They're so similar, but the dc30 adds a certain thickness and lower growl that's amazing with some breakup, but I really like how the ac20 chimes... hellova' one two punch!


They're so similar, but the dc30 adds a certain thickness and lower growl that's amazing with some breakup, but I really like how the ac20 chimes... hellova' one two punch!
Yep - for a while the DC30 + AC20 was my main preset as a dual amp setup.
Awesome combo!
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