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Forum User-FAQ section


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Since there are so many repeat questions from users who might not load up new firmware when it first gets posted, it might be handy to have a Forum User-FAQ section, where if a question starts to show up 4 or 5 times, all the repeat threads can all get moved to the FAQ section.

With hundreds of thousands of threads, it is not so easy to find/see where your issue was posted, even multiple times, but if there were 6 threads all next to each other in the same sub-forum, wording the same question 6 different ways, it would be a lot more immediately noticeable.

Then the goal is to not get your thread moved into the Forum FAQ section, or you get to wear the FAS dunce hat. :D

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To add to the FAQs:
- How to make my Fractal _____ sound like Amp In The Room?
- Wait, what is Amp In The Room?
- Why is there no Klon Drive?
- Why does Axe Edit not reflect the new FW changes that was released 5 minutes ago?

I think listing all of those in a FAQ would help Chris live a little longer. :)


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Yes, all the ones where users didn't bother to read the FAQ (or manual).

EDIT: I'm being a bit harsh, I take it back. Lots of stuff in the manual I have not read properly myself.


This idea has legs.

This is kind of the role that the wiki tries to play: a canonical source of information that anyone can edit.

Have you spent any time on the wiki? Do you think it works well in this role? Maybe we need to promote it more? Or maybe it’s failing and we need to figure out how to move some of its data here into an FAQ forum? Or what if the FAQ forum was just links to content as the answers?

Edit: wiki is here BTW http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Axe-Fx_II_Wiki_Home

Edit Edit: here's an FAQ page on the wiki. Have at it. http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=FAQ
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Chris is going to need blood pressure medication

I think Chris fully enjoys the roll. For as long as I’ve owned FAS gear he has been making tutorial videos, walkthroughs of new features etc. He does this tirelessly and for no compensation.

FC got a new firmware, 30 minutes later Chris has a video how to update, step by step.

He’s a really fantastic presenter, easy to understand, walks anyone right through.

He’s essentially the FAS FAQ in human form, and a fantastic asset to the forum community.


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Or what if the FAQ forum was just links to content as the answers?
if it was both (threads quarantined + left with links to the relevant info), it would simultaneously clean up repeats and slowly teach people how to fish for the info...(search bar + key word + posted by user + forum location)


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Also, when the thread gets moved, the title gets clarifying text added to it, so you can see what "this" means when you see thread "is this normal"

"(Boot up text FW 3.0X) is this normal?"


Somehow takes me back to the How-To's for the Standard /Ultra. :D

Problem with a FAQ is that it will soon get too big => frustrates the viewer => they will post the question on the forum anyway.
And then someone will, probably with just a tinge of "snark" and/or "sigh", either say "there's an FAQ for that", or "RTFFAQ" (hopefully at least take the half second to copy and paste the link when they do), then someone will accuse them of being a smart ass for not being helpful enough (or helpful in the way they wanted) and say "now I get the 'reputation' this forum has". And then there will be 2+ pages of debate about "entitlement" and "attitudes", and... then the mods will have to delete several posts that cross the line into personal attacks, and... well, it'll be just another day in the forum salt mines really ;)
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