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Fractal Audio Systems
Welcome to the Fractal Audio forum. This is a friendly group, which abides by just a few simple rules. If you cannot follow the rules you will be warned. Three warnings will result in a temporary ban of 30 days. Further infractions will result in a ban of 90 days. After that you will be banned permanently. Moderators and admins may also skip right to the banning at their discretion.
  1. First and foremost, be civil and courteous. Attacks, insults or harassment of others will not be tolerated.
  2. No excessively foul language, trolling, hate speech, or adult content. Also, don't SHOUT.
  3. None of this stuff like "I can hear something and if you can't hear it you're an idiot." Tone is subjective and personal. If others don't agree with your opinion that's life. Take the "stereophile" nonsense elsewhere.
  4. Respect the moderators and the founders of the forum. The moderators do their job without pay and graciously dedicate their time.
  5. No politics, no religion. There are plenty of other places on the Internet where you can discuss your political leanings and religious beliefs.
  6. It costs money to host this forum. As such it's not a democracy. The guy who pays the bill (me) has the ultimate say.
  7. If you have any affiliation with any other company in the MI industry, you must mention this in your "signature" on this forum. This goes for all employees, representatives, beta testers, affiliates, marketers, endorsers/endorsees, or others associated with any such company in any way. Affiliations must be clearly displayed in an unaltered font (i.e not extremely tiny and very light gray). See this thread for discussion:
  8. To post any commercial content on this forum, you must apply to become an APPROVED VENDOR. Vendors have their own rules which must be followed. See this thread for discussion:
If you have a question or a problem with this forum, with another user, for whatever reason, please visit
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