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For those having problems with v10, there, hope


I was having thevsame problems with v 10 that many forum members have described. I even went back to v 9.02. I reinstalled v 10 and did a system reset, and the monster was unleashed. The factory presets now sound awesome and even my 9.02 patches now sound great again with only minor tweaking, mostly in volume due to clipping. I don,t know what happened but now v 10 sounds as all the people that praise are describing. This is a misterious magic black box, but on the inside the magic it,s still present. So don,t lose hope on v 10 and keep trying because what you,ll find is awesome.
I am a bit afraid of pulling the trigger myself! Feel like I need about 2 weeks without a gig to comfortably go for it!
Plan to reset Axe Fx and MFC 101 and start from scratch. May 1 is my est launch date. Good luck all.
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