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For Sale: AXE-FX III
Asking $2,200.00 + Shipping (Price is Firm)

Open to offers within USA only.
You Pay Shipping.

Purchased in late June 2020.

Dead mint condition.

Barely used in my smoke-free studio (4hrs max)

Open to offers within USA only.
‘PREFER’ local offers (Cleveland, Ohio area) but will consider all offers.

No Trades please.
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Any interest in working a trade for a combination of the following?
Empress Reverb $350
Empress Echosystem $350
Empress Superdelay Vintage Modified $250
GFI Specular Tempus w/ Triple Switch $400
Neunaber Slate v2 w/ ExP Controller $200
Boss DD-500 $175 (has a scratch on screen)
Strymon Iridium w/ Multi-Switch Plus $400
Kingtone Duellist $350
Browne Amplification Protein $350
1981 Inventions DRV $250
Two-Notes Torpedo C.A.B. $200
Strymon Zuma
Strymon Ojai
Several pedal boards
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