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Footswitch possibilities with FM3


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Wow, cool. Still trying to figure out how you can have #3 do three things with the same press and hold.
You toggle between scenes
Switch 1. Toggle clean / crunch
Hold to return to preset layout
Switch 2. Toggle. higain rythm/lead
Switch 3 toggle 2 delays Hold for tuner

Thats a little excessive and busy but Every switch can be what you want in Per Preset mode


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Will you be able to have the switches setup so when you press and hold 1 and 2 the preset bank goes up and holding 2 and 3 makes the bank go down?


That’s not my question. Using the third button over, he had “press and hold” do three different things.


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That’s not my question. Using the third button over, he had “press and hold” do three different things.
He is changing layout and having the hold doing different things
So he has a preset layout
Then he goes into scenes from scenes switch 3 is loading second scene page in this page the tap is the tuner the hold returns to the prior
Same thing from Scene
Switch 3 is going back to presets

There is a Feature called layout link
And that what he is using

He could do more if he wanted
Presets to scenes page 1. Hold loads page 2
Now from scenes page 2 button 3 hold
Loads FX. Now from FX button 3 hold loads looper

He can load any layout the key thing is you just want to have a switch to go back
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Simply getting a very small external 2 button switch (NON-MIDI) for $20 solves a LOT of issues with the FM3....
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