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FOH output channel

Tom Morris

Power User
Just wondering, by design should output #2 be used for FOH and output #1 be used for your live stage gear? Being output #2 doesn't have 1/4 outs.


I don't think it matters. you can give FOH a copy of output 1 or use any of the others. While XLR is easiest, most guys have direct boxes to take 1/4" if you need to send that. The beauty of the III is the flexibility. You can send output 1 and tap output 2 before the cab block to send to a stage amp - or so many other options.


for FOH in a bigger setting I always go XLR since it is the most common "out"...I do use 1/4 out if use a bigger set up (a modified FOH set up)


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This is much easier with the 3 than the previous units because you no longer have to choose between having something in the loop vs dual outputs. Even if you have outboard rack gear, I/O 3/4 are up to the task leaving you two sets of XLRs for monitoring and FOH. I used to feed my Axe-FX to a Rane mixer so I could have multiple outputs.

I’m not quite ready to say Cliff thought of everything but I haven’t hit anything yet that it doesn’t do that I want it to.


Doesn't really matter. The outputs are electrically identical. The idea is that one is FOH and the other is your personal monitoring. You can change the volume of your personal monitoring without affecting the FOH.
Exactly ...I just try to make the sound guys happy


It's funny, I had this question as well. Currently with my AxeFxII I'm running output 1 quarter inch outs to my in-ears and the XLR outs to FOH, and using output 2 quarter inch outs to my Matrix amp and cabs. So I was wondering what I am going to do as well. But I am 4 hours down the waitlist, so I got time to figure it out lol.


Digging the fact that I can go to my CLR's with mic cables with the III rather than having to use TRS to XLR for the AxeFXII Output 2
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