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FM9 and 2 guitars


Hello all!

Proud AX8 owner (since... since as soon as I could!), I'm now registered to the waitlist.

I was wondering if they are limitation for using FM9 with 2 guitars?

Basically, we now have 2 AMPs + 2 CABs, several inputs, so I guess I could perfectly use an FM9 for 2 guitar players?
How quick would I be limited with the CPUs? 2 Verbs possibles ? Additional effects possibles?
With 2 AMPs, 2 CABs and 2 VERBs, how many effects could I use? Would I have gaps when switching clean to sat?

I've been playing for years with guitarists that have issues setting properly their amp in a band, and I'm looking forward to investigate if FM9 would be useable for 2, to have tailored presets.

Thanks for your answers!


It is certainly possible to run 2 guitars. You just have to remember that changing a scene or preset will effect both instruments. So probably 1 person in charge of changes. The 2nd guitarist wouldn't have much control, although you may be able to add another controller to turn on and off effects in their chain only. If simple changes are needed, I think 3 stand-in switches can be added with tap and hold functions assigned to them.

Example, you have the FM9 in front of you, you control everything you want, and your bandmate has control of 3-6 items using stand in switches using the 3 external pedal jacks. Or he has 2 switches and you or him have an expression pedal. You could also add a FC or midi controller for a bit more options.


Paired with a FC-6 or 12, the two axe FM9 scenario is a very viable choice, given proper consideration as mentioned above.


This is actually a really cool option as a backup in case of an equipment failure at a gig. For example, if one guitarist has a catastrophic rig failure, they could just plug into the second guitarist's FM9 and play on. In the past, before our band went to using modeling, I would have to bring two amp heads with me just in case. This is a much better (and lighter weight) solution to be set up in advance as a backup.


Agreed for the backup options (I have it in my AX8 by the way with a 2nd degraded chain - no AMP - but it works).
I still wonder whether it’s viable as a primary system or just as backup.

Being the one changing the scenes is no problem to me. I could also give the 2nd guitar a pedal and 2 switches to manage volume + 2 effects… if I have enough powers (and no sound gap when changing scenes…) !
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