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FM9 - 2 possible bugs.

Randall Smith

New Member
Hello all,

I am hoping that someone can verify a few things that I ran into today.


I found the output level of the amp block resetting to the default of -12 when copying an AMP block between presets. In my case, the AMP BLOCK output level was set to -7. After copying to multiple presets, each preset output level was reset to -12. This has been repeatable in my setup.

Saving after adjusting the output level of scenes on the output block on a preset bypassed the output block globally. The FM9-Edit software did not initially show this accurately. It took several restarts for this to function properly.


Randall Smith

New Member
I saw the name and immediately thought, "Oh shit, Randall's here to tell Cliff what he got wrong in the Mesa models!"
That mistaken identity has happened a few times on guitar forums. I purchased an atomic amplifier years ago and had an issue. The owner ended up calling me thinking I was that Randall smith.

To get back on topic, the service bug I listed happened again today. When looking at the meters page on the fm9, I see that one of the reverb blocks output is a solid, unmoving red line. The output block has both the input and output as solid red lines. CPU use is under 60%. The reverb block in question is set to a cloud reverb type. I am using a scene controller on the output level on that verb block. The controller is not set to 0%.
Power cycling doesn’t solve this issue. Going to a different preset and power cycling did eventually get this to come back up.

Am I doing something incorrect?
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