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FM3 with Alto TS315 flat IR?


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Good Evening,

I have an Alto TS315 that I want to use with my new FM3. I have Sonarworks with the reference mic and I wanted to somehow create a flat EQ IR and import into the FM3 to use with the FM3. Unfortunately, Sonarworks only works with a stereo setup and I only have one Alto TS315. I placed the microphone at ear level pointed to the Alto on the floor as a floor wedge and I tried to use a Pink Noise wave file and match the sound using Pro Q3 but it the outcome wasn't very good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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What I have done is open the profile in Sonarworks Measure app and you can then look at the frequencies and amount of gain applied. You could then use the graphic or parametric global EQ on the FM3 to approximate the correction. Using an IR would not work because the Fractal has only a single cab block and cannot run the IRs in series. Just pick the most significant frequencies where correction is applied and replicate those, you may have to play with the gain values a bit rather than using them straight up.

But I guess your issue is more that the Sonarworks doesn't let you even measure it without a stereo setup because it needs to use two speakers to determine the position of the reference mic in relation to the speakers.


I used a MiniDsp mic and REW software to get my headrush 108 to sound much flatter.
The sine sweep worked better than pink noise. I used the averaged graph to set the global parametric eq.

Here is a great video using REW.

Sadly no IR loader is available on the hardware. But you can get a really good result with global PEQ.


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Thank you guys for the info... I've actually tried to use REW in the past without success. I'm going to try it again and follow this video. With regards to the 2nd cab... I wasn't aware of that. Damn...
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