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FM3 Status Update

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Fractal Audio Systems
PART 1 - November 6
It's been awhile without a "Firmware Friday" for the FM3, so here's an update. We were set to release 1.07 with USB fixes and but wanted to also port some Axe-Fx features to the FM3. As we sync up these products, we've also been taking the time to work on a set of general performance improvements. (Cliff is involved, and even the Axe-Fx III is picking up some fringe benefits). This effort will not only address specific bug reports, but pave the way for future progress.

I will provide another status update again in 1-2 weeks. I'm confident as always that you will be rewarded for your patience.

PART 2 - November 20
Greetings all.

Here's my promised update for Nov 20, 2020. Things on the FM3 are progressing nicely. Today we released a private beta of a new build which focused mainly on performance improvements. The team will test this and the engineers will continue to work and I will report back, or if there's something to release, you'll see that instead.
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AJ Vargas

Thank you Matt. IMHO my Axe FX III is just as good as ever with FW 14.04. Personally wouldn't mind waiting a little bit longer for any more goodies if that means the full FAS machine revving for the FM3.

In the end, having the FM3 fully working will be mutually beneficial for future development of the Axe.


Thanks - I’ve come from the III to the FM3, started off with running an external reverb but not that’s gone to eBay and I’m back in the box.

Love the FM3, I’ve had a few lockup issues and it would be great to get these fixed (and some III stuff across) but in the meantime o couldn’t be happier with the sound. Spent the afternoon just loving the sound of the dimed Bassman.

This update is just what was needed. I’m sure it will put away a lot of the noise. Please keep the communication up. It really helps

Thanks and have a good weekend


I just want to say that when you all are transparent like this, giving out info and keeping the user in the know, is when you all are at your very best.
I know the easier thing to do sometimes is just not communicate, because people will find things to be critical about. That will always happen, updates or not.
But in my book, more information is always better.
Thank you.
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