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FM3 positioned upright???


New Member

Just ordered a new FM3. My first Fractal Audio purchase. Been using the Line 6 Helix up until now. The FM3 arrives tomorrow if all goes well with shipping. This may be a silly question, but, I wanted to put the FM3 on my computer desk...any suggestions on how to position the FM upright?



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Search for desktop speaker stands, or iPad stands. Many would be a decent fit and angle the FM3 so you can see the screens.


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I use a little laptop stand as well, I mainly play standing up. I also have downward angle power and USB connections, which makes it better too.


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Thanks for all the suggestions! Looks like laptop stand is the way to go.

Really excited to get the FM3. Never played through one before actually. Bought it on word of mouth.


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I have no suggestions, but want to say Congrats on giving Fractal a go! I've used Line 6, they make good stuff, but I much prefer my FM3 and I hope you do as well!
Thanks! Got the FM3 yesterday. Sounds incredible and I must say better than the Line 6. The only advantage to the Line 6 Helix, I would say, is it's a bit easier to get up and running. So, I am reading the FM3 manual to help with everything. Just purchased this (link below) today and should be getting it tonight.

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