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Fixed FM3 FW 1.04 affects ASIO, kills DAWs that use ASIO like Reaper


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Installed 1.04 and the new Edit. That works, but now my Reaper gives error when opening: There was an error opening the audio hardware: Error initializing ASIO buffers .

Reverted back to 1.03, issue went away, and in the above control panel it goes back to "ASIO active PCM Mode". Could be bug in 1.04, as I don't see a setting for this.


I can't even get my DAW to recognize my FM3 as an audio device.

Furthermore, My computer STOPS playing audio when I select the FM3 as audio device.


just confirming this isn't happening with Mac OS. i've been jamming with Liquid Tension Experiment through USB and the FM3 outputs for about 30 minutes now.


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Ableton Live 10 Lite recognizes the FM3 audio device, but fails to activate it. FM3 Edit works fine.

Edit: I'm using Windows 10 1908
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My fm3 gets recognized on reaper, but there’s still latency on 1.04

Is much better than previous fw but still not good enough to make any serious recording


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Just did a quick test on Windows 10, Ableton live 10 lite. DAW recognizes the FM3 and also activates it when selecting as audio device. I'll look deeper into it later. Thanks for the update!
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