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FS FM3 for sale


Power User
That seems like a fair price. You've only had it listed for a few days.

Ignore the crazy Reverb asking prices. There is a reason you still see them listed. They aren't selling at those prices.


Hey ,
i have no idea what these are going for i see a ton on Reverb for like 1100 , i don’t want to get rich , and I have no issues keeping it
whats a fair price ?
Your price is more than fair; it's definitely priced to move (even accounting for no headphone jack). The question is what sort of exposure do you have? If it's only on this message board, that could be a problem. If you advertise that price elsewhere (Reverb, ebay, FB), I think it's gone quickly, but then you'd probably need to up it a bit to offset site fees.

If you haven't done so, you might try listing on FB Marketplace.
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