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FM3 Footswitchs


Hi, I need your help please.

I've got the Axe 3 + FC12 for stage use, but as I play with my band sometimes in very small bar too, I've got the FM3, but I don't want to use the FC12 with it (I like the FM3 little size for the very small venues)

I play with 8 scenes, so I've programed the FM3 switch 1 to give me access to the 4 first scenes (different clean sounds) using Inc/Dec and Wrap functions, the Switch 2 for scenes 5 and 6 (Rhythm Crunch tones) and the Switch 3 to scenes 7 and 8 (Lead Tones).

The Hold function gives me access to effect bypass on the Switch 1 and 2 and to the View 2 on the switch 3 (for another effects blocs bypass)

I would like the mini screens to give me the name of the curent scene (curent name) as said in the manual, but I can't see this option.

I also would like the ring led of the active scene to be lighted too, to easily see which one is active or not, but they're all 3 dimmed no matter the scene selected...

Can someone help me please ?

Sorry for my English, Thank you.


Thank you for your answer... I don't have any "Current Scene" option in "Inc/Dec" mode, and about the FC12, I play a lot, so I wouldn't like to carry several gear each night... it's because of this that I've bought the FM3.
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Do you also use external footswitchs? I have Each switch toggle between 2 scenes. Hold on two buttons get me scene 7 and 8. I have an un assigned hold. I can use. I use an external switching to tap tempo/tuner and give me a different view with effects IA’s


I can't use external footswitches because I use 2 expression pedals, one for volume and one for Wah.

I've changed my Layout, now I've got 3 views and the switchs are in "Toggle" mode, so I have the "Curent Name "option.

Thank you for the help 👍


WISH: We need to be able to add ring color to HOLD function. I have several scenes assigned to HOLD functions but no way to do a ring color for them so I an never tell when they are on.
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