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FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

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Fractal Audio Systems
FM3 Firmware Version 5.03 is now available for download:

The version of FM3-Edit released on April 22 is required for FW version 5.03:


  • Added “Scene Ignore” to most blocks. When set to ON, Scene Ignore instructs the block to ignore scene changes. Scene Ignore is a per-channel parameter. This allows turning Scene Ignore to OFF on one or more channels which will then allow a scene change to set the block to a desired state if the block is on that channel.
  • Added frequency and cents text to Tuner display.
  • Improved Amp block transformer/speaker interaction modeling. The “Voice Coil Resistance” parameter has been repurposed/renamed “Speaker Impedance”. The various parameters work as follows:
    • Transformer Matching: Sets the impedance ratio (square of the turns ratio) of the output transformer.
    • Speaker Impedance: Sets the relative nominal impedance of the speaker. To simulate connecting, e.g., a 4-ohm speaker to an 8-ohm output you would set Speaker Impedance to 0.5. Conversely to simulate connecting a 16-ohm speaker you would set it to 2.0.
  • Update PI Bias Excursion parameters for many Amp models based on new measurement technique.
  • Reduce Speaker LF resonance modification to a max of ~6dB.


  • Fixed all 59 Bassguy Amp models audio drop when Normal Drive is set to zero and Bright Drive is adjusted rapidly.
  • Fixed crash in Plex Delay block when Master Time is zero.
  • Fixed crash in Parametric EQ block graph when modifier update rate set to Medium or Fast.
  • Per-Preset FC Settings pages will now scroll properly.
  • Fixed bypass states not being recalled correctly if the previous preset has Scene Ignore set.
  • Fixed incorrect audio levels across presets and scenes.
  • Fixed Amp and Delay block mix parameters not saving properly.
  • The STARTUP VIEW of the FM3 will now behave appropriately in all circumstances when an external FC-6 or FC-12 is present.
  • Tuner mute function mode OUTPUT will now correctly silence tails.
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