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FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

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Fractal Audio Systems
FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1 is now available for download:

A new version of FM3-Edit is required for this release:

New and Improved FEATURES​

  • Improvement: The front panel now has various double-tap functions:
    • Double-tapping EDIT edits the previous block.
    • Double-tapping HOME enters the layout grid.
    • Double-tapping STORE prompts immediately.
    • In the Home or Layout menus, double-tapping the A-E push-knobs does the following:
      • A enters the Amp 1 menu;
      • B enters the Drive 1 menu (think “Boost”)
      • C enters the Cab 1 menu.
      • D enters the Delay 1 menu.
      • E enters the Reverb 1 menu (think “rEverb”)
  • Improved CPU performance of the Reverb block.
  • New Amp model: “FAS Buttery”
  • New Drive Block Types: “Valve Screamer VS9” and "Maxoff 808" including a new diode SPICE model “1S1588T” This is the Toshiba version of the 1S1588 and is reportedly the diode used in the “best” TS-808s.
  • New “Types” within the Flanger, Plex Delay, and Multitap Delay blocks provide instant access to exciting effect settings without the need to adjust or understand advanced parameters. Special thanks to Leon Todd, Simeon Harris and Cooper Carter for some of the new effect type contributions.
  • New LFO in the filter section of the Plex Delay block allows creative modulation effects.
    See the Blocks Guide for details.
  • Push-knob functions in the Block Edit have been simplified to a single page.
  • New “Modern Gate” type in the Gate/Expander Block. This type is similar to the Classic Gate except the gate opens in a constant linear-in-dB manner. This naturally makes the attack slower as the gate first opens and can be used for both traditional gating and for special effects like audio swells.
  • New “S-Taper” option in the Volume Block allows new and improved “Auto-Swell” sounds.
  • New “Max Loop Time” parameter to Looper. This sets the maximum recording time.
    This allows a loop time to be set precisely in advance of recording.
  • New Diffuser Modulation in the Multitap Delay.
  • New 'MUTE' option for OUTPUT 1 MODE. This causes only processed audio to be muted. USB audio will still be routed to and heard, enabling certain applications when using a DAW with input monitoring.
  • Changed Looper behavior so that if recording and time reaches the maximum recording time the mode changes to that specified by Record 2nd Press (for the first pass of a new recording.)
  • Overhauled the Compressor Block in line with the latest Axe-Fx updates:
    • Improved Auto-Makeup gain behavior.
    • Added Input Level switch. When set to INSTRUMENT the detector is optimized for guitar-level signals, i.e., before an amp block. When set to LINE the detector is optimized for post-amp level signals.
    • The Pedal, Optical, Tube, Analog, JFET and Dynamicomp types have been completely redone resulting in improved performance. These types now inherently perform automatic makeup gain.
    • Auto Attack/Release has been removed from the Pedal and Dynamicomp types as it is no longer applicable.
    • Added Emphasis frequency to the sidechain.
    • NOTE: Due to all these changes the behavior and output volume of the Compressor block may be different. It is recommended to audition any presets using the Compressor block and adjust as required.
  • New option “ALL” for “Spillover” in SETUP: Global Settings: Config. In addition to Delay and Reverb, this includes Plex Delay, Multitap-Delay, and Ten-Tap Delay blocks, allowing spillover when switching presets. See your Owner’s Manual for more on spillover.
  • Added “USB 3/4” to the input options of the Multiplexer block.
  • Added global Speaker Impedance Curve. When set to DEFAULT the speaker impedance curve used when selecting an amp model is the default curve for that amp model, otherwise it is the selected curve. NOTE: this does not affect existing presets. The selected curve is used only when selecting a new amp model.
    Also added several new Impedance Curves; thank you to Dr. Bonkers Soundlab for these.
  • Added “RCB Boost” to Amp block Boost types.
  • Added Master Bias Excursion parameter to the amp block. See the Blocks Guide for details.
  • Added red indicator line to the mini tuner.
  • Improved Tape preamp types in Cabinet block.
  • Improved accuracy of Drive block Drive control for low settings.
  • Improved accuracy of Master Volume in Amp block for low settings.
  • Improved Amp block cathode follower algorithm. Algorithm now uses higher order solution of nonlinear ODE for more accurate low frequency response.
  • Improved Amp block power amp algorithm. New algorithm more accurately models dynamic changes in speaker impedance resulting in more “complexity”.
  • Improved Stack/Hold in Delay block so that “texture” is applied to audio when Stack/Hold is on.

Foot controller changes​

Added “Bank Switch Limits” ENABLE/DISABLE to the FC Config menu. These allows the FM3 to ignore the limits set in bank switches, thereby allowing access to ALL BANKS by default.


  • Fixed the fan ‘chirping’ demonstrated on some units.
  • Other small fixes based on those made on the Axe-Fx III.
  • Fixed a crash when editing Bank and Effect Inc/Dec functions in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a potential crash in the Multitap block time is set very low.
  • Fixed modifiers not working properly for some parameters (e.g., Plex Delay Rate parameter).
  • Fixed KVB not being updated correctly.
  • Fixed certain graphs disappearing after a banner display.
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