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FM3 Firmware Release 1.04 Public Beta 6


A public beta of FM3 firmware 1.04 beta 6 has been released. This corrects corruption of Input 1 Right data in the previous beta release.

Please note that a new version of FM3 Edit has also been released. Find it here:

Release Notes:
• Improved latency when recording over USB​
• Improved resistance to audio dropouts and audio artifacts over USB​
• FC: Advanced Switch Page will no longer blank after the FC banner has been displayed​
• Scratchpad cabinets are now properly initialized to zero on boot​
• Block Updates​
o Amp: Align models with AxeFx-III​
o Gate: Improved Downward Expander​
o Input: Removed Impedance​
o Para EQ: Added High and Low Slope​
o Plex Delay: Added Stack/Hold​
o Reverb: Added Reverb Dispersion​
o Tremolo: Added Optical Trem​
o Improved preset switch time when using FM3-Edit for: Gate, Input, Multitap, Output, Para EQ, Plex Delay, Resonator, Reverb, Ringmod, Rotary, Synth Tentap, Tremolo, Volume, Wah​
• Controllers: Fix for LFO Astable type, Modifier added to ADSR Sustain Level​
• Fix for banner display issue on Layout-Tools page​
• Additional changes to aid in USB audio stability​
• FC: Prevent getting trapped in the Tuner display in certain circumstances when Reveal Hold is active​
• FC: Update Load Factory Default Layouts & Settings to include the View parameter for Layout Link​
• FC: Respond to the first press of stand-in switches​
• Clarify nomenclature for switch polarities in I/O, Pedal, Switch Settings​
• Corrected filter in the AMP block​
• Corrected corruption of Input 1 Right data​
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Should this read that beta 6 has been released? : "A public beta of FM3 firmware 1.04 beta 6 has been released "

PS. I agree with USMC_Trev above! Fractal is great!


Fractal Fanatic
Installing beta FM3 edit.....so auto update will not work from current version to beta correct ?
On a Mac, just install the .dmg? When the new Non beta FM3 version update arrives...can you auto update from beta?


Fractal Fanatic
Chris, installing the beta does not create 2 instances of FM3 edit correct? Overwrites current ?
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