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FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 2


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Too bad we couldn't get a system log from the FM3 to send in and help figure out why some units are having issues and others are not.


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How is it that MC6 works but Midi baby does not ?
It is a known issue. I use the Midi Baby to connect my expression pedal to MIDI to control volume. When I updated to the 1.06b2 I noticed that it wasnt working anymore. After spending a few hours reprogramming and checking cables, I went back to 1.05 and it works. When I posted the question on this forum, I was told others were experiencing the same issue.


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Expression pedals with MC6 also don't work. CC and PC messages do. The problem is with setting external controllers on the FM3 so it doesn't matter if you're using an MC6 or a MIDI Baby.


I tried to load the 1.06 Beta 2 firmware & my FM3 edit was froze after. I rebooted & still couldn’t use FM3 edit......I went back to 1.05 & all is good again.

No big deal & I wasn’t having any issues w/ 1.05 anyways.....Just thought I’d mention this for the greater good of all.....

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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