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Bug? FM3-Edit fw7.00: CPU meter freezes

I have this question about CPU usage.....
I already own AxeFx3mk2, FM9 Turbo and this doensn't happen with them.

I use FM3 mkII Turbo with the latest firmware 7.00 and latest Editor FM3-Edit 1.06.04...
This is about CPU usage....

Watch the video and notice: the CPU change ONLY when I add a new block. But....

Reverb: If I change from Economy, Normal, High, and Ultra High quality the CPU doesn't change.
Same thing if I change the value of Echo Density or I change the type of reverb.

Amp: If I activate the Output Compressor the CPU doesn't change...

Cab: If I use one or two IRs the CPU doesn't change...
Same thing if I change Ultrares or Standard, if I use one dynacab or two, and also if I activate the Preamp and change the quality in Preamp Mode....

CPU doesn't move. With guitar or without guitar connected.When I play or not...
CPU increase or decrease ONLY when I add or remove a block.
This happen also with factory presets.

This is normal? Or a bug?

NOTE: I have already re-install fw 7.00, dyna-cab, all factory preset and fm3 edit (RANF ok)

FM3 mkII Turbo
Firmware 7.00
FM3 Edit 1.06.04
MacOS Ventura 13.4.1

EDIT: Title changed. Read post #15

Anyone getting freezing issues with FM3 Turbo when changing patches? Or when Upgrading Presets? Is Firmware 7.0 buggy? I purchased this unit 5 days ago and this stuff is happening.
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