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FM3-Edit 1.05.09

Michael Pickens

FAS Software Engineer
Fractal Audio Systems
FM3-Edit 1.05.09 is now available via auto-update or from our website:


Please note: This is the same editor that supported fw 5.03 public beta.


VERSION 1.05.09
April 14, 2022

Current FM3 Firmware Version: 5.03

  • Mac version requires OS version 10.7 or newer
  • Windows version requires Windows 7 or newer
  • Minimum firmware version 2.00

* Support for firmware 5.03
o Added "Scene Ignore" button to the block layouts that support the new feature.
o The AMP block's "Voice Coil Resistance" parameter has been repurposed/renamed "Speaker Impedance" in the Power Amp page.
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Somebody else have issue with Edit with Manage Cabs ?
If I import cabs I have to save 2-4 times until text color is green and IR is really saved.
Doesn't matter only one or 20 IRs on same time - using empty slots.
Manage Presets works like expected - importing 7 presets and non problem.
Tried different USB cables and other USB port.
Mac Mini 2012 Catalina latest version - no problems with USB in DAW with audio interface or FM3.
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