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FM3 - Audiophile quality signal path as Axe-Fx III or not?

I have a question regarding audiophile quality signal path.

As stated for AXE 3: "The audiophile-quality signal path features Burr-Brown® SoundPlus™ and Analog Devices® op amps, PPS film caps, a high-voltage bipolar power supply for low distortion and maximum headroom, and flagship-quality Cirrus Logic® converters with fully differential input and output circuitry."

Will this be the case for FM3 too ? Or does it use cheaper components through signal path ?



I heard it thru very expensive monitors in a small room competing with several IIIs at the Fest...the sound of the two were indistinguishable....tho it has been revealed that the Amp Block will not be identical (certain extraneous/bonus features like Bias Trem have been excised) you coulda fooled me.


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I guess I would ask, why would you think they wouldn't be? Everything that goes in these products is top quality!
HI again - I am hoping Fractal can/will chip in on this ? Possibly the converters and analog components are not as audiophile quality as top end AX3 which would be understandable but am hoping for something clear from Fractal ?

best wishes


It could be that they are still in the final stages of getting it ready for mass production and are still working with suppliers regarding specific components.

I wouldn't make any assumptions either way until Fractal releases final build specifications.


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I wouldn’t expect same for same for 1/2 the $$$ ... but FAS has a reputation which might drive them to hold a high standard.
It is possible that it is cheaper to use only one set of components than create some PCB part from the beginning to support other (cheaper) components.

But it would be cool if Fractal put some light on the question.


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Call me crazy but i dont think they are going to post a bill of material
You would have to likely buy one and open it up to see


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Few words in this space generate more cringe in the face of the inevitable onslaught of unfounded snobbery and phony knowledge than "audiophile".
I understand that feeling, but look at the OP. "audiophile" is used as a modifier in the description of the audio path by Fractal Audio.
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