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Flowchart on copy/paste Block


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So many times when I copy and paste a block, be it a Drive, Amp or Cab block, it doesn't paste what I just copied.

I like a drive in one preset so I copy it via menu copy or Command C and then go to new preset and highlight existing block and paste via menu or Command V and it paste something totally different than what I copied.

What am I missing in the flowchart of copy and paste?


Yes, as Chris mentioned, it copies the whole block and by default (I think) will be on Channel A when you paste it. So, if you're on (for example) Channel C when you copy then it may appear different when you paste.

Also, you can use Axe-Edit to copy/paste a Channel instead, which might be what you want.

As far as I remember this is no different than the Axe Fx II except you have 4 Channels instead of X/Y.


How do you copy a channel only? I see reference that old beta versions had this but I don’t see it in the latest production axe edit.

Joe Bfstplk

From memory, you right click on the Channel (in the left pane). There is a context menu there.
Also from memory, I think you are correct.

I have been copying the individual channels from the ML Toosie+ pack into two channels of one amp block to make a preset with them, so I know copy-pasting via the clipboard works from one preset to another.

#3 and #5 ended up bein the pair I settled on....
It would be cool if the copy/paste block in AxeEdit also copied the "Channel Selection per Scene" data... either by default, or if there was a second paste option "Paste with all Scene Channel Data"


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The obvious buzz kill is the layout of the new scene having to match the layout of the preset. I needed one scene in a preset as a lead. Took me a good while to find common ground and rearrange the preset to accept the new scene. Until a scene is truly it's own 'preset in a preset' instead of a 'current state of the blocks' I think it would be hard to implement.
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