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Fizzy amp blocks?


New Member
Hey everyone, I finally received my AF2, and started digging in immediately to all the presets, axe edit etc. I've wanted to explore the possibilities when it comes to creating a "go-to" patch for metal, even following some YouTube guides to help me out a bit. I've noticed that when I'm messing with Axe Edit, some amp blocks immediately sound very fizzy and harsh, while others don't. I've set my input and outputs so I'm not clipping, so I know that's not the issue. I tried a two amp patch with an Energyball and a 6160 block letter, when I play through the Energyball, it sounds good, but when I add the 6160 to the chain, it's a fizzy mess. Any help appreciated!


Check the cab settings, particularly the "speaker size" setting.

My Axe-II had a very bad trick of setting that value to 0.1 or 0.25 or something stupid like that. So I was modeling like a 1.2" or 3" speaker rather than 12". Sounded like a jar of bees with any amount of distortion.

So look for that parameter if it sounds bad, and make sure it's set to 1.0. Weirdly, I can only find it in Axe-Edit, if it's accessible from the front panel, I don't know where.

I never figured out what caused that, maybe it was Axe-Edit.


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I think that might have been the issue. I reset all the presets and global parameters to factory and it fixed it. Made my first patch last night, I'm beyond stoked about it. Thanks!
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