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[fixed] Lost all audio after trying to change audio interface settings

So i was trying to reamp and i guess i did the wrong thing with the bus or whatever i was trying to do

Long story short, my audio I/O on the interface shows the L+R are coming in, but NOTHING else is playing in my DAW or windows

Windows doesnt recognizing the audio interface(axe 3)

I dont know what i did, how can i revert settings or change them so i have sound cuz i have no sound by my guitar now, which is fine with me for myself but my band needs me!


Power User
Just out of curiosity, did you change the sample rate? I have seen a number of DAWs that differ in how well they handle that, and loss of proper clocking can result in a loss of audio.
No man, i thought thats what it was.
I was trying to reamp from Leon todd’s Video
But he was using pro tools and i use studio one
So i messed up the bussing and then i thought “let me try th interface L,R, and L+R, and try muting something and enabling the other, well i was wrong

I’m not sure exactly what i did, maybe i changed the sample right WHILE doing that accidentally? It’s possible because it would explain the strange miscommunication errors....
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