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First gig with the CLR/AxeFx


So, played the first live gig with the CLR and axe-fx, managed to get a little speaker stand for the CLR so it sat behind me at about 1m off the deck, I only do ratty pub/club gigs at present and house PA's aren't worth bothering with in the smaller places.
So how did she do? Well, really well! It's a classic rock band so I had patches set up with the 5153 and the HBE with Wah and a pitch shifter for some craziness and also a straight top boost patch for the not so heavy numbers, also used Fremen's dual punchy clean patch which is awesome, IR's were redwirez, ownhammer and a stock German 4x12 which is awesome for the 5153.
I had the master on the CLR about 1 oclock which really opened out the patches without being overly harsh or too loud for the venue, I still maintain that the input master should be a good bit back off illuminating the clip light, slightly more than is recommended by Atomic seems to work for me.
Standing in front of the cLR at full tilt is quite an experience, putting some "air" in my patches lifted them from any flub or woofing (I'm sooo technical me!) and it was just a lovely crisp, tight rock tone, very responsive. It does amaze me that the live patches I'm using sound pretty bad through my fostex monitors and not much better through the CLR at low volume either, definitely other things at work with the volume levels there!
But it still makes me think that its quite a bulky rig with the CLR, I dont think its any more portable than taking my amp/cab and a few pedals, although it is much more versatile. I know I could do my gig with a fat marshall head, 2x12 and a couple of pedals so I still need to try and expand on what I'm actually getting out of the rig to make i worthwhile, well, in my head at least! :D
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You are getting to use different amps and cabs and more/better effects and switching. Footprint is a bit smaller too. Plus someday the versatility may come in handy.

Anyway, glad it's working for ya!
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