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First Fractal


New Member
Going on three weeks with my FM3, its my first fractal product and my first decent modeller. Im big into tube amps, but the need to play through headphones and limited budget and space led me to fractal. I believe fractal is the best option and easily worth the price. Ive found a couple presets I like and mainly just stuck to that. It sounds so good, and I know theres much more potential as far as getting the sound I want. I will eventually get into making my own presets, but for now Im enjoying the tones from the factory presets. The screen protector is from ceba, fit and finish is nice, will definitely keep the screen from getting scratched or cracked.



I've started with the factory presets as well (Studio Clean, Djentlemanly, and Glass Lead) and with a few modifications that only took minutes they sound just the way I want.

I've been checking out some of Leon Todd's YouTube videos and plan to make some adjustments based on what he demonstrated just to get a better handle on how to fine tune things.

I have to say I'm really happy with it. Going from the III and some tube amps I don't feel like I'm compromising at all. It's a great piece of gear in its own right.


Fractal Fanatic
Friedman be100, das metall, petrucci rig, and so many of the marshalls, jtm 45, plexi 50w, jumped plexi 50w. I haven't found a clean sound that i love yet, probably because I cant convince myself to stop playing with the heavy ones.
Try out this preset by @2112
LT Clean Faves

Here's two of my favorite preset makers/explainers:
Burgs - Brett Kingman's YouTube Channel
Burgs presets

Leon Todd's YouTube Channel
LT Presets

'Strayans be killin' it 'round here.
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