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Firmware V10 experience and also request to be done, possibly?

I am still probably a new Axe FX user but within the nearly 6 months I've had it, wow has it been a journey already. I have a 6505+ I have bought and there was a new 6160 II model I saw in there replicating the 6505+/5150II's sound, I had been using modeling for nearly 2 years at home and whenever it was a live setting; because I felt nothing could touch its tone on how unique it sounds.

Within the time Cliff launched the V10 I had been amazed how fast their service and support has been alone to deliver, for the so many hungry axe edit beta and firmware customers. I have tried the beta and worked slowly with it, no bugs has happened yet but when I did put a few cab wav files and some have disappeared, thats when I learned it needs to be converted to .syx and that wasn't a problem to me because I knew the first cab would be messed up or gone somehow. I have had my 6505+ for a while now.

I used it mainly because of the gain tones I could get from it and nearly its hard to beat, so thats why most amps I found when I played, couldn't express what I wanted to play because the cleans and overdrive fitted exactly what I was having in my head for the 6505+ though I always preferred a better clean for the 6505+. The low end and midrange was a night and day experience, it was basically the amp for me (maybe not for everyones needs at all preferably.) I said to myself that I have all this gear but I know I won't use it all, maybe someone else deserves to have it in their bedroom. And I know I wouldn't use the tube as a power amp since I already had another power amp head from a longtime before. I had gotten rid of the 6505+ and someone had wanted it the same day.

I played the 6505+ for hours and hours before he came, testing it with all my cabs basically. (He was driving 3-4 hours away) I literally was shocked that I was gonna let go of my first tube amp I have ever gotten for 2 years. I played it a lot, but I would only do it 5-6 times a month, then I quit and waited for 3 months and played it again, I was paranoid about tubes and felt that I spent so much money, but I had to spend more every few years like an insurance or medical bill!

The guy had came and I had put it outside in the front to test it out and we both sat there, the guy was amazed and loved it, he literally didn't say too much but he kept playing it for a longtime I had the tone stuck in my head for sure. My mother thought I was crazy to get rid of it as well she literally was almost crying thinking I didn't have any other amplification. After when it was sold I decided to hold on to the money and I went back inside the house thinking of the new V10 I had downloaded and I had yet to try the 6160 II after the A/B test I did, since I only used monitors in comparison which was different levels and dynamics into play in comparison.

I had tried the preset of the 6160 II with my power amp. And when I did..... I had shown my mother what the AXE FX could do, I literally couldn't hear the difference as it went through my cab. So I know for sure its very close to the real thing and just like many others; I am a studio engineer and have a very very sensitive ear, and the EQ settings I have with it just like any other amplification has made me get the same dynamics with a level voicing I could do with the amp. My mom looked and turned her head and said "Yeah...That actually sounds much better to me than that other one you played all day today, wow" I kept changing the presets showing more of what it was capable of and my mom had no worries of what I have done that day since.

Still I can't sleep thinking I sold my first tube amp I got and I know deep down my mom would of not wanted me to sell it because it was my first, and took us months to find the tone I had wanted going from all the amplifiers (even the bogner shiva, mesa mark series, orange, framus dragon, the only one I had bought the dragon a year after, and much more along that line.) and I always wanted my mom to hear it so if it was worth the extra dough to get one or not and how the tone went.

I used all my guitars that same day as well ( "9 of my guitars 3 of them high-ends, Ibanez Jem7v, G&L Asat 30th anniversary, Dean USA razorback, one in japan other two in U.S.A 1 in the middle somewhat affordable, 3 of them cheaper guitars and electronics and hardware used, I know I should sell those lower/afforable guitars too, just am a left handed player, you know how rare it is to find one to sell to." )

I personally liked the AXE FX 2's feel, more than my own tube amps feel, and I've owned that same amp for a few years, it felt more alive for some reason when I played my Axe more clear in the playing and picking. Used all 9 guitars again. My friends who own a 5150 II were shocked I went this route and others who have the 6505+ and originals of the 5150. I'm glad I gave it to someone who was appreciative of my amplifier in general.

The money I have saved up now, I would love to buy a nice tube amp (I have a Framus Dragon right now) But I would like to buy a Framus Cobra If I could for fractal audio, and have those 2 popular amps modeled and shipped. (Since I see one in my area and I talked to a Framus Cobra owner in my area yesterday.) Or get a different kind of tube amp in the near future, but I don't know if it would interest Fractal and I'd get it for sure today, since its 7am in the morning right now for me. :p but who knows, so I'll hold my money on a future fractal product or may get the Cobra. So both of them can get modeled when I pay shipping for them.

I know people say the schematics of the Framus (one of them cant remember, maybe the dragon) is modeled very closely to one of the amp models fractal has done like a SLO, so it may not interest the fractal team much. But who knows it may interest them to look into both those amps more?

All I have to say is I am glad I bought this product. At first back with V8 I was commenting on some things like it felt different a little and the tones I wanted since it had a lot of headroom and low end, but I liked the warmth of the sound just wanted to see how much more exotic tones from the amps I could use from their counter parts. V9 was when things were amazing as well. (Since I never looked into many amps besides modern ones since they are my favorite tones besides vintage modern, like Steve Vai kind of stuff I think of for his tones)

A guy named Yek on the forum had been very informative and told me to try things "I don't know" the possibilities can become as good or better, instead of the things I already knew which I wanted modeled on the AXE FX II Discussion forum, it was very insightful and helped me understand the AXE FX II more so. I wanted one of my amps modeled at that point which was the framus and still today, I want it to be modeled, if somehow any of the team told me they are convinced to model the dragon, with the other Framus (The Cobra Framus) I would buy today or tomorrow, or right now. Modeling at least the dragon, Then that'd be awesome. But It's just my thank you if they want too.

I feel safe and can now safely say I have been convinced the way I have been able to shape my tones with V10 and I believe it will be much better with V11 in the future and thats why I'd get the tube amps I can find. (even if it doesn't interest fractal, but I only get the modern/different amps or rare stuff as well) So at least some interest or offer will be accepted when I get the Cobra. I am enjoying every minute of V10 and I think everyone else should too, even the dumble OSD-100 overdrive and clean is very very nice!

There is no doubt in my mind with V10, it is better at least for me. Some presets I couldn't get my tone back. But when I made it from scratch again and nearly the same settings, it sounded much better than the V9 day and night nearly. I love the community and how helpful it is to see your AXE FX 2 working the way you want it too. Defiantly something I haven't experienced in years in any other community just yet, and I will continue watching what fractal models/makes in the future. I also should post more in the community when I can, I don't socialize much outside or inside my room on the computer its just how I am. But that is so far my review and I couldn't help but post this up since it all happened this week those experiences, curious about other people's experiences too with V10!
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