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Fixed Firmware 5.2


i installed the new firmware 5.2 and the axe and axe edit shows that I have installed the 5.1 version .i did this several times from fractal bot but nothing changed.


This hAS been discussed several times here. Don't stress about it, you have 5.02 installed, the version numbers not being polled by Axe edit, Cliff says it will fixed in next release.


Fractal Fanatic
It's known. Mentioned several times in the 5.02 thread.

See how easy it is to slip up a digit?

The firmware is 5.02 if it says so in the Utility menu on the unit. AFAWK currently the only thing wrong with this firmware is that it is showing 5.01 in Axe-Edit. It'll probably be fixed when there is a more pressing reason to release a new update.

Please edit the title of the thread to prevent more people wasting their time in here.
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