Firehouse's Bill Leverty with some sweet axefx tone.

Yes, Badlands joined up with us (Warrant, Trixter & FireHouse) on that tour for a couple of shows on that tour in '91, I think in PA.

If you guys ever come back to KC, you should check out the Starlight Theater. It would be perfect for you guys, it has a really cool outdoor atmosphere. My wife and I saw Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder there a couple of weeks ago. Last Summer we saw Boston, with Night Ranger and Starship Feat (former Jefferson Starship members), both great shows.
I 2nd the Starlight suggestion from Axel. Starlight is a great venue. :) The original show I was referring to was at Sandstone. (When it was still called that.) It ended with all 4 bands onstage doing a few covers. ZZ Top's "Tush" being the last one if I remember correctly. The singers of all four bands were trading off vocal chops at the end of the tune, trying to one-up each other. It came time for Ray's turn and he just laughed and said, "Man, I'm shitfaced as a rat!" LOL Jani Lane then turned to C.J. and said, "Dude, just hit that note that makes my nuts shrivel up and let's go home." LOL Great show. Good times. Thanks for the memories, Bill. :)
The way I'm running this setup out on the road for fly dates like this is direct to FOH out of output 1 (L&R); and, out of output 2 (L&R), I usually go into the effects returns of a pair of JCM 900s that the promoter provides.
Very helpful. Thank you, Bill!
Big Firehouse fan here too. Bill is one of the top players from the hard rock scene. Had the pleasure of seeing them live here in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro (we flew from Sao Paulo and even missed my friend's wedding that day hahaha) and shook hands the next day at the M&G. The wifey is absolute nuts for the band, she and a friend followed them for a few shows back in 1999 in the US - still today she tells everyone how respectful the guys threated them and how amazing the shows were.

Nice to have you here Bill! And would love to test your presets!! :-D
That was a stripper theme song! Not that I know anything about that stuff.
That sounded great. Just yesterday I was checking out the various amps for my main distortion preset and went with 5150 Red because it held a squeally the longest then I read that's also Bill Leverty's dist amp of choice in the AxFxII.
Sounds fantastic Bill. I'm sure your busy but when you get a chance could you share the preset? I'm not using my Axe for live use yet since I don't have any place to tweak my presets at gig volume. I use 5153 halstacks for gigging and your preset would help to get me pointed in the right direction to start using the Axe for live use. Thanks in advance.
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