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Finally decided to go direct and embrace in-ears..


So after playing a punk show on Friday with 2 other bands, (one of which had a low stage noise all monitoring with in-ears and ultimately having the best sound on the night) I've decided to do what I never thought I would, go direct and get a whole band mix through in-ears.
I play small venues here in New Zealand and have come to realize that turning an amp up just isn't working like it used to. Our drummer is a beast and I'm usually right next to him, so trying to hear everyone else even through a fold back is difficult to say the least.
We drifted out on a couple of songs which meant I had to look at where the bass players fingers were to try and recover. It sucked.
The final band had it sorted (admittedly they had a good soundman, whereas we hired someone who doesn't really know how to mix heavier bands), they had a real tight sound with low stage noise. I was envious.
A couple of days later of started playing with the Fm3 going direct and rolling different IR's, getting some good results. But its hard to know what will work until playing with the band. Any tips on dialing a direct sound at home would be much appreciated!
I just love the sound of the Axe modeling going through my Power Station into a quad and thumping on stage. But its really time to swallow my pride, save my ears and try and get the most professional stage sound possible.
The rest of the band seem on board with the idea too. They're phenomenal musicians and have been doing old school set ups for years. They couldn't hear a thing either so are looking at doing the same as me.
Any tips you can give me in this area would be much appreciated!


I have embraced and really enjoy both. I really love having my own personal IEM mix running Fractal direct (can turn off the people I DON'T want to hear ;) ) but also love my Marshall and cab rippin loud and no IEMs.

Get some custom molds and don't cheap out on in ears is my recommendation.


Yep customs will definitely be the go in the future. At the moment while money is tight I will have to go cheapish.


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KZ/Linsoul in-ears are a great value, the ZSN Pro and ZS10 Pro are what a lot of our team use, I like them for casual listening. The most natural sounding universal IEMs I've tried are the Fender FXA6. These fit a bit deeper in the ear canal for a more consistent, comfortable seal and the sound is really good. I went with custom molds a few years ago, 64 Audio A3, and there really is no comparison to anything else I've tried.


Funny you mention that, yesterday I ordered the KZ ZS10 pros. Heard they're great for the price. Also ordered the Xvive U4, apparently great value for money. A lot of musicians around here use them and rate them pretty high.
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