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Finally, a real gig with the FM3!


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I've been waiting to post a mini-review of the FM3 until I actually had a chance to let it roar....

Venue was about 10,000 sq ft. Decent sound system. Seating was about 2/3 full, with a handful on the dance floor. Honestly, that translates to "mostly empty".

Best guitar tones I've ever had live. Absolutely killed the AX8 I'd been using for years....and for the first time, I believe surpassed my partner in crime's Kemper. I used the JP, Dirty Shirley 2, AC-15, DC-30, and Tweed Deluxe models. AustinBuddy settings with minimal tweaks.

I'm using the FC-6 with it for switching, and still really struggling with finding a layout that works live. What I came up with this time (an OMG-9 variant) seemed so nice in theory, but confused the heck out of me in practice. Given that the FM3/FC-6 combo have limitless switching possibilities, the problem is me. I never had trouble with the AX8, but somehow this is harder....

Once I get that sorted, this device will be gigging heaven.
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I had my first weekend with it live as well this past weekend. Very happy with the way it sounded. Controlling for me was a challenge, only in the sense that I was use to the Ax8 and now I'm figuring out the most effective implementation using the Morningstar and the Fm3.


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I am doing my first gig this coming weekend with FM3 and FC6. Will update how it does. I am using the OMG9 layout.
I am pumped.


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I know how you feel. This will be our first gig since March of this year. Its an outside private party. My bass player just wants to do outside gigs here as well. Suppose to be about 150 to 200 people. We will see. Good luck maybe this stuff will be over soon.


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Our first gig out was great. My rig did great. We started playing at 4pm. At that time my rig was in the sun. The main screen was a little hard to see. But the switch read outs were fine. It took about 30 min and we had shade so all was well. During set up and before we started I did put a towel over the whole unit just to keep out of direct sunlight.


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I had a gig in direct sunlight this summer , at 1PM the main screen was not usable/visible at all. The minis were fine.
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