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Wish Fender Prosonic Combo


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I'm 150% satisfied with everything in the AxeFX III if this never gets included.

Would be nice to get this combo amp in the AxeFX III. Fender cleans with a (slight) Vox-ish breakup.

I'm no engineer, but found what look to be legitimate schematics here.



Loved my Prosonic ... Only irk was loud popping noise when switching channels via the footswitch. With a virtual amp in the AxeFx that would be a non-issue. Bring it on.


Fractal Audio Systems
Looking at the schematic it definitely has it's own thing. Plenty of gain. Not sure about the clean channel though. Looks like it would sound a bit anemic.

I would've put a capacitor between RLY1 and V2A. That would probably stop the popping when switching channels.


No longer have the amp.. had an "authorized " Fender amp repair done to correct "popping" . Corrected it somewhat but was still troublesome.

The cascading gain and drippy spring reverb made that amp a fire-breather. When ever I turned it up no one could believe it was a Fender. Like mentioned , the clean channel was weak compared to other Fender models. Used it extensively in the late 90's. Would be a real throw back to have it in the AxeFx..... Thanks for checking it out Cliff :)
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Fractal Fanatic
I had a Prosonic for a while. The Gain 2 was SO HOT that it took just a tad to bring the unit to high gain levels. Very un-Fender!
But it had a BIG sound and I loved it. Mostly a 2-trick pony though so did not work well for my job. But it would be a nice, unusual addition.


Good choice of mentors \m/ Beyond the cue from your avatar; I think Jabs was really the only one I ever knew that used the Prosonics.
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