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Fender Cleans at Lower Volumes


Hey, i'm new at trying to get a fender clean sound, I usually play most Marshall rock. I have Presonnus Sceptre 8 monitors which definitely have excess power for my basement playing. I have the monitors turned pretty low and the output knob low for my Rock stuff. I have several guitars, so when i try to get the fender cleans it doesn't seem loud enough. When I turn level in the amp block up it seems to clip, same thing when i change the db level up in the output. Suggestions?

What amp is best at getting the fender cleans and what cab is best for that type of sound?



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Sounds like you need to balance your presets output volumes.

If your Fender clean starts to clip the output and sounds too low in comparison to your gainier presets then I'd say your gainy presets are too loud

[edit] Cliff got in there first


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Use the Fender clean volume/level as the main reference level and dial down your other gain-ier presets to match it.


To expand upon everyone else's answers:

Sounds have an average level and a peak level. The peak is at least as high as the average, and is usually higher.

The more gain you run, the more compression and the less difference between peak and average levels.

If you do all your gain staging using a very compressed-sounding patch, then you'll notice two things when you change to a less compressed patch (e.g. a "Fender clean" amp):

1. All other things being equal, the less compressed patch will sound quieter.

2. If you've done all of your gain staging using a compressed patch and have set your levels close to clipping, then your less compressed patch *will clip* when you try to make it louder without adding compression.


IMO. with Q 6 Fender cleans have never sounded better. Make sure your Master Volume is maxed and Input gain reduced to under 4, as Cliff said, turn up your speaker volume and use AMP Level to taste.
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