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Feeling the FC-6 love!


I just got an FC-6 as part of the Black Friday sale. Though it's only been a few days, I can't believe how amazing this thing is. Between the Layout Links and Per-Preset FC features, I can do everything my heart desires!

Originally I thought I'd need an FC-12. While I love the look of all the switches, I went through all the sounds I use and realized that I just wouldn't need them all. I thought, for example, that I'd always have to have a dedicated switch for Tap and another for Tuner. But for the songs I absolutely need Tap for, I just change the Per-Preset FC, and I made Tuner the Hold function of switch 6 in my layout. Sweet!


I have the FC12 and I’m gonna add 6 external switches because the FC12 doesn’t have enough switches.
I’m also utilizing all layouts and don’t even have a layout for the looper.


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I originally wanted the FC-12, but I play on a lot of small stages where space is a premium. I have a pedalboard that will fit the MFC-101 and two expressions pedals. I did not want to go to a larger board when I upgraded to the AFXIII. I had a choice of going with the FC-12 and having just one expression pedal, or the FC-6 and using 3 expression pedals.

I got the FC-6, and like the OP, was blown away with how versatile 6 switches can be. I've now added a pair of external switches, but those were mostly because I had the room on my pedalboard to fit them. I was getting along just fine without them.


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I too originally thought I'd be married to a 12 (or even daisy chain) but the 6 is SO powerful and compact it's almost all I use.
Do you use "per preset" a lot, M@?
Curious how your primary preset and FC functionality might look.


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Yep, the FC-6 has more than met my expectations, the FC in general is a very well thought out product. Per-Preset switches are a huge part of what makes the FC-6 work so well in my case. I use them for specific needs per preset - hence the name -, i.e. Boost, Control Switches, Effect on/off, Scene toggle or select, etc.... Layout Links is the other feature I use a lot that makes the "limited" number of switches work very efficiently. Not once have I thought the FC-12 would be a better option.

Tom Morris

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Ha ha I stick to scene mode exclusively and try to do all my songs in just 3 scenes. Last gig I switched to wrong scene mid song and in a panic selected the right scene 3. Slip of the foot and I put the pedal in MLM and was totally lost. Haven't been in the MLM menu for so long it just completely threw me for a loop. :fearscream::sweat::tearsofjoy::tonguewink:


I'm coming from the AX8 world. Can someone post a pict of what the Tuner looks like on a FC-6? Thanks!

Joe Bfstplk

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Well, sort-of. I could photoshop it, but the main screens on the FC12 and FC6 are the same, so here is how it looks on the 12:

My current footswitch arrangement:

The FC12 shows tuner, as it is #1 in my rig:

The FC6 has the same size screen:

The tuner screen on the AxeFX3 itself:

I am likely going to liquidate the 12 in order to get a second 6, as the split arrangement works better for my controller pedal focused arrangement, with them centered and 6 FC buttons on either side....


My new-to-me FC-6 is due to arrive this afternoon. I’m moving from a Source Audio pedalboard to the AXE-FX III. I use SA’s Soleman MIDI controller and it only has 4 buttons, so now I get 2 more with a lot more functionality all around. Too cool.
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