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Feedback Oscillation similar to Strymon Timeline?


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I'm a newb to the FX8, but I've learned a lot and have gotten great use out of Fractool. I hope someone can help me figure out how to engage a feedback oscillation like on the Strymon Timeline when you hold down the Tap button. I have a scene, where I use a mono tape delay with a 100% feedback and put a compressor and drive pedal before the delay (scene 4 of the attached preset). But this a pale substitute for the awesomeness of good feedback oscillation.

Any help is appreciated.




are you asking how to assign the button, or achieve the effect?

in principle, what you want to do is assign the button, so that when it's engaged, you feed the delay with signal. you might want to make it a momentary switch, so that when you step off the switch, the delay continues, but not at self oscillation, because there will be no way to stop it (unless you change scenes and that might be a bit abrupt. no idea why you have a comp and drive before the delay, they aren't really necessary. just attach your switch to the input gain of the delay, so it goes from 0 to 100% and also attach the switch to the master feedback parameter (set the regular feedback to 100%). make the master feedback go from something like 50% to 110%. play around with the different delay types, because some will self oscillate in a very grungy way, which is what you might want.


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Thanks! Yes, I was looking for both the how to achieve the effect and how to execute it. I’ll try your suggestions and report back.

I was using the comp and drive to crank up the input drive into the delay. I’m not sure how I have the input gain of the delay set, but will set it as you suggested. And yes, the grungier, the better, so I’ll audition different delays.

Joe Bfstplk

Power User
If I were setting up a delay with a grungy infinite repeats button on my Axe3, I would use the send and return blocks, stick a drive between the return and the delay input, and hook the send to the delay's output, so the possibility of gain >= 1 in the external feedback path would exist, and the drive would distort in a more analog-sounding manner than a simple clean volume boost that would clip digitally after a few repeats.

A compressor instead of a drive could be fun for a cleaner infinite feedback.

Hopefully your FX8 has similar send/return capabilities....
Nowadays I think there is the feature of Infinite Repeats included. However, from what I've found, this deviates slightly from the TimeLine and ElCapistan in that it no longer introduces "new" signal onto the repeating one.

Does this help?


can't you set up a modifier to change the feedback level from X to 100% on a slope, and then assign that to a button (external momentary or latching would be useful).

I forget what I did to simulate the Line 6 DL4 "whoosh" that only the DL4 does, but it involved using an expression pedal that ramped down delay time from 405ms to 40ms while simultaneously engaging the hold function.
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