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Wish Feature Request - Channel Library


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Currently the Block Library saves an entire block of usually 4 channels, all together in a single chunk. Back in the days of the Axe-Fx II when you only ever dealt with two channels at most, this was fine. But, now a more granular approach seems like it would be much more useful.

The Axe-Fx III is designed around the use of Scenes, and not being able to save individual channels into your effects library to paste into the current Scene kind of renders the entire functionality of the Block Library a bit useless, as recalling from the Block Library overwrites all channels of a given block. It just isn't granular enough to support the quick creation of individual Scenes.

Programmatically speaking, (and admittedly I'm no programmer so if this is wildly off base, I appologize) we can already copy individual channels to the clipboard. If that functionality was to be built upon so that these clipboard items could instead be saved to a file and then recalled from a menu like the Block Library uses, we'd be in business. I'm sure I'm making it sound a lot easier than it would be to implement, but it's just a thought.

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That is true.

I suppose I could have boiled down the wish by saying "a Channel Library would be a great idea!"

I guess my spiel would be now that we have so many channels per block, in my opinion a Channel Library would be more useful than a Block Library. It would provide everything a Block Library can provide, plus the ability to get even more granular with cataloging your favorite sounds.


I think this is a good idea

If I have a couple of specific settings for a given block it would be nice to load just the channel, and then use those to fill out the block, provided one uses channels

Kamil Kisiel

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A channel library would be way more useful for me. I like to switch through a lot of different delay settings and use different combinations on different patches. Currently doing a mix and match of different delay settings with the block library is quite cumbersome.


Don’t know if it’s possible, but yes, this would be useful, as an addition to the full block library.

Even more so, if this could be extended to Axe-Change. So people could be downloading the “Ideal Phase 90”, versions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. :D

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Ah that explains what I have experienced. I loaded amp into a channel and did tweaks and saved block thinking I was saving that tweaked amp only. So I was recalling, what I thought was tweaked saved amp and noticed all the channels changed to what amps were in other channels. Now I know it saved all the amps in the other channels when I saved amp block, thinking I was saving amp I was on. I was wondering what happened. Yes I'd like way to saved individual tweaked amps or pedals etc instead of 4 at once. And I see that both are useful to have.
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Definitely on board for this one too.
Block library has its charm but a channel library definitely would be most useful.
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