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FCB1010 only switches patches up to 69


Hey, I was at band practise tonight and for the 1st time tried to use a patch higher than 69.
Pressing the buttons on the fcb1010 didnt do anything at all from patch 70 and up. The "midi in" light on the axe-fx was flashing each time i hit a button but it didnt change the patches.

When i bought the fcb1010 2nd hand i did a factory restore the 1st day i got it..... i will try that again but dont see how that will change anything.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?

and yes i am a midiot. I just use the fcb1010 to change patches.... no i.a or funny business.

Might be as simple as this: the FCB is set up like this from the start.

To change that you'd use the editor as it's the easiest way to change settings of your FCB for numerous patches. All you have to do now is to set the "program change" to the desired value (in your case that would be 69 for patch 69, 70 for patch 70 ..... - that's the way I use it too). Doing this on the FCB is also possible but might take you a little longer. Press and keep pressing the - never can remeber if it's up oder down - till the LED's change. Choose "program change" and edit the desired value. I had to do this too - years ago and not knowing there is an editor out in the world ;)


Thanks! i'll give that a try.

I thought about the fact that it must be like that from the factory, but i couldnt imagine why they would do that (my limited knowledge of midi considered)

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