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FCB1010 mod chip questions


Anyone with the Uno or Eureka mod know if either of those chips will allow the FCB to receive and display the current bypass status for the stompbox buttons when changing presets? The stock firmware simply alternates between sending 127 and 0 on the selected CC#, so if a block is already on, it takes two taps to actually bypass it (first tap sends 127 but already on, second tap sends 0 and bypasses it) Do either the Uno or Eureka chips allow the FCB1010 to stay in sync with the current state of the effects when changing presets? I know the Uno has on, off, and no change states that can be manually saved for each stompbox switch in the presets on the FCB1010, so that could be a manual work around. Not sure about Eureka chip. I like the switchable modes of the Eureka. I can manually setup banks on the stock FCB1010 to work similarly, but I know it won't show stomp status since it just lights up the LED on the current preset button. Not a big deal since I can use my ears to tell if certain effects are on or not.


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I don't have experience with the latest Uno firmware but the previous release you had to program the initial on/off state for the functions you had assigned to stomp box mode for each preset.


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I don't know about the Eureka, but the Uno definitely needs you to program the initial state for on/off. You can use the NC state, but the lights and status will not sync.

As a former FCB owner if you use something like Ripwerx it really isn't that big a deal to go through and set up. I mean you're only looking at 5 IA's and if you are anything like me you usually start with the basic patch (for me that's amp, cab, reverb) and then have stuff like delay and modulation effects start up in the off position.

And don't forget about scenes. You can set up 6 of them (start with the first IA as scene 2 because it initializes with scene 1).


Yeah, I'm planning on setting up one bank for the 8 scenes and then tap tempo and tuner, One bank with 10 stompboxes, one bank for looper controls, and the rest will be program changes or presets. Might to some split banks with presets on bottom row and scenes on top row. I'll see when I get my XL and start cooking up some presets. I'm more of a presets guy than a tap dancing stompbox guy anyway. Nice to have both options though.
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Stompbox mode enables 5 stomps. (either top or bottom row) You could treat the other 5 in a similar way (only sending CC commands) but their LEDs won't correctly reflect their state like the row of stomps do.
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