FCB1010 Behringer Setup Issues


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Hey guys,

I just bought the FCB1010 to control my guitar rig 7 software. I'm following a youtube video by Guitar School Live. I've followed every step he says in there, but when I, using the FCB1010 Manager application, try to send data to the FCB1010, nothing happens. It's like it's not receiving the data. I'm so confused, am I doing something wrong here??

Here's the steps I was told to do:

1. Open FCB1010 manager, in Midi Devices, I select "USB MIDI" (there is another option for the MIDIOUT2 (USB MIDI), but I don't select that option. I leave "Thru input device" alone.

2. Option > FCB1010. I make sure MIDI input port and midi output port are set to USB MIDI.

3. Open presets, and do the following:

3a. Select the first ten.
3b. enable NOTE, EXP A, and EXP B
3c. increment, set to 1 to increment the first 10 as 1-10.
3d. fix EXP A and EXP B to controller 100 and 101 respectively.
3e. Turn off my FCB1010, power back on while holding the DOWN button. When the Direct Select Light comes on, press down again to enter config mode. Config green LED comes on.
3f. press "7".
3g. in FCB1010 Manager click the green icon to send data to the FCB1010 device. I press "OK", as I've already done all the steps it says to do.

Expected behavior: config led blips off and then back on.

Actual behavior: nothing happens. No communication whatsoever occurs.

I'm confused and lost. I've tried different usb ports. I have midi cables to connect to my AudioBox iTwo audio intgerface, but then only the audiobox shows up and doesn't communicate with the fcb anyway. I've tried removing both the input and output plugs from the FCB and try the settings again, nothing.

At this point I don't know what to do and would appreciate any suggestions you can give.
Just FYI, this forum is focused on Fractal Audio amp and effect modeling processors.

There are many here who have used an FCB-1010 but primarily for controlling Fractal hardware.

I have not used an FCB in quite a while, so probably not much help.

Did you buy it new or used? If used, possibly it's been modified with an aftermarket PROM such as the UnO or Eureka, in which case you'd need to use the editors designed for them.
Also, make sure your midi adapter cable is connected correctly.

Some of them are labeled confusingly and you need to make sure they are connected to the proper ports.
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