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FC6 burn watch out!


FC6 for my Fx-3 & FM3 is inadvently connected to phantom power jack +48 of mic preamp.
A little smell resides around xlr male connector inside FM3 as shown left top of back pannel.
At a loss what to do if to see local tech herein Korea since back and forth for repair to the States
causes time consumming,postages as well as custom clearances again. Please watch out xlr connections!



You accidentally connected your FC6 FASLINK II XLR to a mic preamp with phantom power +48V on? And it fried you FC6? Is that what happened?
Nothing happened shortly after a bit of light on display, and moot, no light just like FC turned off. FM3 however keeps working regardless of connection to my fried FC6, but AXe-Fx3 goes out as if a reset cycle triggered...that's it!
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