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Wish FC toggle option for views and layouts.

It would be great to set switches to be able to +/- views regardless of layout. I really don't like holding to go to the next or previous view, and would prefer a page up / down option using an external footswitch. I realize I can program this feature within a single layout, but being able to do it for all layouts would be so much better.

Also, a views and layouts toggle option would be great. Yes, I can do a +/- option and set the min and max values as the two I want to toggle between, but only works on consecutively numbered views or layouts.

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Derp. I realized I was wrong, and setting a stand-in switch to change views will work regardless of the layout you're on. I changed the thread subject, and still think it would be great to be able to set a switch to toggle between 2 views or layouts.


Layout toggle is already possible, when switching between consecutive layouts. Set a switch to Layout > Inc/Dec and set Upper Limit to one number higher than Lower Limit.


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You can toggle between any two layouts by assigning opposing layout select actions to the same switch in the two desired layouts. For example, assign switch 1 in layout 1 to select layout 3, then assign switch 1 in layout 3 to select layout 1. The same switch in both layouts will then take you back to the other layout and act like a toggle.
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