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FC Dimensions

Karl Houseknecht

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Has this question been answered? I know it’s been asked multiple times and in multiple threads. When we asked about the III we got a sticky post, but when we ask about the FCs, there’s silence. I can only assume it’s a matter of national security. :)


Much thanks for these!!!! I think I can squeeze the FC-6 onto a pedal train Nano. Have to put my G10wireless and a the smaller Fractal expression pedals on there as well. Will make a nice compact setup for my regular gigs.


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Wow thanks Cliff, these drawings are something more than simple "dimensional" info


Thanks for posting...

Although looking at the pics I'm now struggling to figure out how I can solidly mount one to my pedal board since the end caps seem to extend like (non-removable) feet and aren't really big enough to get a decent size piece of Velcro on them...

Better put on my MacGyver hat... ;)


FYI, the MFC-101 is about 16" wide... Meaning my already full pedal board may have to finally be replaced (I've had it for at least 15 years!) as I can't fit the FC-12 plus my 4 Mission pedals :(
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Dual lock is so strong that I always overestimate how much is needed. I’ve sometimes had to use a pry bar and my whole weight to get large items off a board.
My board is covered in Velcro loop... Dual lock doesn't work for me.

I use 2.5" hook to attach everything... But I need surface area :)


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Not if it has any substantial weight...
The heavy duty industrial strength Velcro worked fine like that for my G-System and there’s no way the FC-12 is as heavy as that thing is. I could barely pull it off the the board with 2 hands.
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