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FC Controllers Now Shipping!


Are you looking at the time you sent, or the time you got a confirmation back from FAS ?

Not sure if that makes a difference, and you’d think it would be similar, but maybe you sent at one time and they didn’t get it for a while longer for some reason ?


Randomly checked the forum today at 1:12pm. See that the list has moved past my time of getting on the wait list. Frantically check my email. Notice my invite was sent today at 1:10pm. Ordered by 1:15pm.

Might be putting my FC6 up for sale next Monday!


New here
I wonder if there is any chance they will satisfy the entire wait list this year? I got on in October
I only got on the list a couple of weeks ago, and the Fractal GM told me that they hoped to wrap up the wait list sometime in March.
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