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FC Controllers Now Shipping!


Just got my confirmation! Super excited! Can't wait to start using this at my regular gigs! Putting mine on a Pedaltrain Jr. along with a Boss WL-50 tuner and EV2.


Got my invite(1/18 12:09CST)!!!!!! Ordered FC6!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wanted to buy both but low on $.
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Fractal Fanatic
I like that you even set it as the Default Startup Layout ;-)

(Setup-> FC Controllers -> Devices: FC#1 Startup Layout for those wondering how to do this)
Yep. It’s really the only layout I need so might as well be there at startup. It’s basically the same layout I’ve been using on the AX8 but now it’s better. Really love the button spacing on the FC-12. It’s perfect. Fantastic job and kudos to everyone on their hardwork.
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